DSS Local

DSS Local is our group for activities and events happening in your local area. We have members from the Lowlands to the Highlands. From the cities to the islands. Our four local groups and their coordinators will create and run activities for local members. If you have a good idea, please let us know via email. You can keep up to date on what is happening in your area by signing up to the DSS Local newsletter.

Inverness & North-West Scotland

Our new coordinator Malene is hoping to arrange the occasional meetup when circumstances allow. If you would like to get in touch with Malene, please contact dss.enquiries@gmail.com.

Aberdeen & North-East Scotland

Do you fancy becoming our new coordinator for Aberdeen & North-East Scotland? If you are interested, please contact dss.enquiries@gmail.com.

Glasgow & West of Scotland

Our coordinators Anders and Jesper are planning on arranging monthly meetups in Glasgow City Centre, when circumstances allow. We are also planning on arranging activities around cultural events happening in and around Glasgow.

Hike & Hygge - 11th April 1-4pm
Venue: Glasgow Green

Alphabeat - 6th May 7.30pm
Venue: The Garage, Glasgow

Sandi Toksvig: National Trevor - 16th May 7.30pm
Venue: Theatre Royal, Glasgow

Edinburgh & East of Scotland

We are looking for a new coordinator for Edinburgh & East of Scotland. If you are interested, please contact dss.enquiries@gmail.com.

A group of Danes will be doing monthly Danish literature nights. The first one will take place on Zoom.

Sandi Toksvig: National Trevor - 17th May 7.30pm
Venue: King's Theatre, Edinburgh

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