DSS Family

DSS Family is our group for all activities and events for children and young people. You can keep up with what's happening by signing up to the DSS Family newsletter.

For the under-5's

Danish-Scottish Society has playgroups in Glasgow and Edinburgh for children and their parents to meet, sing and have fun while exploring Danish.


Our Edinburgh Legegruppe is aimed at the under 5 year-olds. The Legegruppe takes place one Sunday afternoon a month in Edinburgh. Each month has set structure and a theme with books, songs and activities for the children to enjoy. The sessions are led by our Legegruppe Coordinators.


The price is £20 for members of Danish-Scottish Society and £30 for non-members. It covers five playgroup sessions (September, October, November, December and January). Siblings pay half price.


Once you have signed up, please join the Edinburgh Legegruppe WhatsApp group, where we share important updates.


We look forward to seeing you!

The playgroup meets once a month with our coordinator Emma doing Danish bookbug sessions.

The Danske Forældre i Glasgow facebook group is available to Danish parents in and around Glasgow for meetups and play dates.

Any changes will be communicated via the DSS Family newsletter, our Whatsapp chat and the facebook group.

There is no need to book so feel free to drop in and join in the fun. The more involved in the activities you become, the more the children get out of it.

For the over-5's

Dansk Skole

Dansk Skole will be our group for families, who follow the Danes Worldwide programme of online Danish courses. Families will need to sign up to and pay for the course themselves. All families, who want to follow the program, are encouraged to start at the same date, so that sparring and supporting each other will be easier. The parents are responsible for their own child’s learning, and will act as a teacher for their own child. While the work with the material is individual, we encourage all families following the program to support each other through Zoom meet ups.

Once a month, we invite the Dansk Skole children and their parents to come along 6VT Youth Cafe in Edinburgh. Children will need to bring their own laptop to work with the course material. It will be a chance for the children (and their parents) to meet other Danish kids (and parents), and make Danish friends.


If you are interested in signing your child up to the online Danish course, please email dss.enquiries@gmail.com. We will help set up a parent group on WhatsApp, where all families following the course can support each other and coordinate Zoom meet ups in between the monthly 6VT meet ups.

Lege Skole

Our Edinburgh Lege Skole is for families of children over the age of 5, who would like to learn Danish in an informal setting with an emphasis on Danish culture. The Lege Skole takes place one Sunday afternoon a month in Edinburgh.

We will have a theme for each session, and have a set structure that the sessions follow: chat about our homework - book about the theme - creative challenge - song about the theme - free play - sangleg. There will also be homework related to the theme to complete before each session. The homework might be the read a story, watch a TV show or listen to a song related to the theme of the next session. The sessions will be led by our Lege Skole Coordinators.


The price covers room hire and materials for five sessions (September, October, November, December and January).


Once you have signed up, please join the Edinburgh Lege Skole WhatsApp group, where we share important updates.


We look forward to seeing you!