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A bit of Denmark in Scotland | En smule Danmark i Skotland

The Danish-Scottish Society is the natural focal point for Danes in Scotland as well as others who are interested in Denmark and Danish culture.

We are a friendly group of people living in Scotland with an interest or connection to Denmark, Danish culture, traditions and/or Danish language. We come from all walks of life and have lots of different interests.

Whether you are in Scotland for a short time or you have made Scotland your home, you will always be very welcome at our events.

What's On

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April 27, 2020

March 30, 2020

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What We Do

Traditional Events

We celebrate Danish traditions such as

  • Fastelavn

  • Påskefrokost

  • Sankt Hans

  • Julefest

In the past, we have also arranged Mortensaften and Scottish events such as ceilidh and Burns Evening.

Any ideas or suggestions welcome.

One-off Events

We arrange one-off events during the year in response to the ideas and suggestions we receive.

In the past, we have arranged events to watch Denmark play sports, cinema nights, pub and restaurant visits. We have arranged camping trips and outings. Scandinavian ceilidh etcetera.

If you have any ideas and suggestions about events we could arrange, please email us.

The Danish School in Scotland

If you would like your child to learn and improve their Danish while living in Scotland, the Danish School in Scotland is the perfect place to do so.


The school is for children and young people aged 5-16. Classes take place in Edinburgh every second Sunday afternoon. It is facilitated by a qualified Danish teacher supported by parents as assistant teachers.


You can read more and enrol via the school page.

Danish-Scottish Playgroup

If you would like to meet Danish families with children aged 0-5, we would like to welcome you along to the playgroup.


We sing Danish songs and play Danish games with the children.

You can find out more information by joining the facebook group.


If you need advice about moving to or from Scotland, living in Scotland or anything else related to being Danish in Scotland, the Danish-Scottish Society can provide you with the advice you need or hopefully direct you to someone who can.

For consular assistance, please see the website below.

Danish-Scottish Network

The Danish-Scottish Network is a facebook page providing daily news, events and information relevant to anyone living in Scotland with an interest in all things Danish.


The network has over 800 followers and connects people, groups and businesses.

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