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Welcome to the Danish-Scottish Society

A bit of Denmark in Scotland | En smule Danmark i Skotland

The Danish-Scottish Society is the central point of contact for the Danish community in Scotland.

We represent a friendly group of people living in Scotland with an interest in or connection to Denmark, Danish culture, traditions and/or language.

We aim to promote cultural exchange between Denmark and Scotland by organising and promoting events as well as providing information and resources to promote knowledge exchange. 

Everyone is welcome to join the Danish-Scottish Society - Danish people in Scotland for shorter visits or longer stays, partners and friends of Danes, and non-Danes that are interested in Denmark and Danish culture.


Come join us for some hygge!

What's On

What We Do

DSS Family


DSS Family is our group for activities involving children and young people. For the wee ones and the big ones, we have playgroups, school and events like Fastelavn.

DSS Local


DSS Local is our group for activities happening in your local area. From the Lowlands to the Highlands, we have members and coordinators arranging lots of different activities.

DSS Friends


DSS Friends is our group for networks, organisations, groups and businesses, who help us to connect and promote cultural exchange between Denmark and Scotland.


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