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The Danish School in Scotland

Would you like your child to learn Danish while living in Scotland?

The Danish School in Scotland is the perfect place as we offer Danish group education for children and young people aged 5-16.

The school takes place on 10 Sundays per semester from 1pm to 3pm at 6VT Youth Cafe in Edinburgh. The children are taught by our qualified Danish teacher Anna and parents can sign up to work as assistant teachers.

"My children have really enjoyed the school since they started attending last year. It's definitely encouraged and helped them to improve their Danish, whilst also being a fun and social experience that they enjoy. The fact that classes run on a fortnightly basis also works really well. We look forward to the school starting up again after summer." Ewan Cameron-Nielsen



The estimated full rate price of Semester 04 will likely be between £90-120 and it is dependent on the number of children enrolling. The price is divided into two instalments payable in February and April.


The school offers discounts to siblings and parents signing up as assistant teachers. 

Assistant teacher (5 dates) - 15 % discount

Siblings - 25 % discount

Combined sibling and assistant teacher (5 dates) - 30 % discount

Assistant teacher (10 dates) - 35 % discount

Combined sibling and assistant teacher (10 dates) - 40 % discount 

A concessionary rate may also be available upon request to dss.skole@gmail.com.

Aims, Mission and Values


  • For children and young people to have fun learning Danish

  • To encourage the development of Danish friendships and network in Scotland

  • To teach and celebrate the history and culture of Denmark

  • To create a unique and dedicated learning environment, seeking to address the circumstantial challenges of being bilingual and bicultural in a British multicultural society.

  • To engage parents as active and responsible participants



Danish culture and language is important to us and we want to keep all options open for our children to allow them to engage with Denmark and mainland Europe in the future. We know that being bilingual has lots of positive effects on learning as well as being able to use the second language. We want to promote the Danish language, culture and traditions for our children and young people, who wish to learn/improve their Danish regardless of current proficiency. The ideal is for our children and young people to develop a foundation strong enough to pursue possibilities of living or studying in Denmark. To achieve this, we will provide educational opportunities for children and young people with a Danish background in Scotland.



  • Be a non-discriminatory community - all ages and all abilities to speak Danish; we will have classes for different age groups/abilities

  • Encourage play, creativity and curiosity - we acknowledge that if children/young people are going to spend time going to school in their spare time, the classes need to be structured so they are fun and engaging

  • Be open and honest

  • Recognise and respect different learning styles

  • Inclusive and affordable

  • Committed to supporting parents to develop their children's learning


How do I become an assistant teacher?

The only things needed to become an assistant teacher are the commitment and an ability to have fun while teaching children and young people Danish.

You do not need any experience as you will be following the lead of an experienced teacher. You can read more about what the assistant teacher role entails here.


For any students interested in becoming involved, we are happy to provide references for further study/career opportunities.

For more information, please contact dss.skole@gmail.com.

How is the school run?

The school is run by the Danish-Scottish Society in conjunction with parents. The school's steering group consists of 2 parents nominated at the parents meeting in May, 2 parents nominated at the parents meeting in November, 1 Danish-Scottish Society committee member and 1 representative from the Danish-Scottish Playgroup.

A school coordinator administers the school on a day to day basis and the teacher manages the teaching side of the school.

Any questions about the school, please contact dss.skole@gmail.com.

For questions in relation to teaching, please contact dss.laerer@gmail.com.

Can I enrol if my child does not understand Danish?

Yes. The school caters for children and young people with various degrees of Danish proficiency. We accommodate proficiency as well as age when organising classes.

What does my payment include?

Admission to the school, teacher fee, room hire and materials are all included in the school fee. We aim to keep the school as affordable as possible.