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This is for children enrolled in the Danish School in Scotland's Semester 04.


On the 22nd February, we invite children and adults alike to dress up in fancy costumes and join us for Fastelavn celebrations at 12pm in King's Church in Edinburgh. We will start off with Danish songs and games before moving on to main event of "slå katten af tønden". There will be a barrel for the older children and a cardboard one for the younger ones to have a go at. We will crown our kattekonge and kattedronning afterwards.


Please bring wrapped sweets along to put in the barrels. The event will be a bring-and-share, so please bring along fastelavnsboller, cakes, fruit or lunch items that we can share. There will be juice for the children and we will provide tea and coffee for the adults.


The event is organised by the Danish School in Scotland and any surplus funds will go towards the running of the school.

Fastelavn - Danish School (Child)